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How To Draw Jacqueline Wilson Characters in the world The ultimate guide

Written by San DJ Jan 10, 2023 ยท 5 min read
 How To Draw Jacqueline Wilson Characters in the world The ultimate guide

Children s books characters

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If you’re a fan of Jacqueline Wilson’s books, you might be interested in learning how to draw your favorite characters. Whether it’s Tracy Beaker, Hetty Feather, or one of Wilson’s many other memorable creations, you can bring them to life on the page with a little practice.

The Pain Points of Drawing Jacqueline Wilson Characters

If you’re not confident in your drawing abilities, you might find it difficult to recreate the characters you love. You might worry about getting details like hair, clothing, and facial expressions just right, or struggle with proportions and perspective. These challenges can make it tough to create a drawing that truly captures the essence of a Jacqueline Wilson character.

How to Draw Jacqueline Wilson Characters

First, choose which character you want to draw. You can find plenty of reference images online, either by searching for specific characters or by looking at book covers or illustrations. Once you have your reference, start with simple shapes to map out the character’s body and features. Don’t worry about getting everything perfect at this stage - just focus on getting the basic proportions right before you start adding details.

Next, start adding detail. Pay attention to things like the character’s clothing, hairstyle, and facial expression, as these details can help bring the character to life. You may want to use different shading techniques to create depth and dimension in your drawing.

Finally, remember to practice! The more you draw, the better you’ll get at it. You might also try taking a class or watching tutorials online to learn new techniques and get feedback on your work.


In this post, we’ve explored how to draw Jacqueline Wilson characters. We’ve discussed some common pain points, as well as tips for getting started with your drawing. By breaking the process down into basic shapes and adding detail gradually, you can create a drawing that truly captures the essence of your favorite characters.

How to Draw Tracy Beaker

As one of Jacqueline Wilson’s most popular characters, Tracy Beaker is a great choice if you’re looking to practice your drawing skills. To draw Tracy, start by sketching out her basic body and features. Remember that Tracy is a young girl, so her proportions should be smaller and rounder than an adult’s.

Next, focus on her hairstyle. Tracy is known for her wild, curly hair, so try to capture that texture in your drawing. You might also add some shading to create depth in her hair.

Finally, add in the details that really bring Tracy to life - like her spunky personality and sense of humor. You might try incorporating some of her favorite accessories or outfits, or giving her a cheeky grin that captures her mischievous spirit.

How to Draw Hetty Feather

If you’re a fan of Hetty Feather, you might want to try drawing this plucky orphan girl. Start with her basic body shape, keeping in mind that Hetty is on the thin side with long limbs. You might also sketch out her signature hairstyle, which is often braided or tied back in a kerchief.

Next, focus on Hetty’s clothing. She’s often depicted wearing a simple dress or blouse, sometimes with an apron or shawl. Add in details like buttons or ruffles to give her outfit some personality.

Finally, capture Hetty’s inquisitive and adventurous spirit in her facial expression. Give her a curious look, perhaps with raised eyebrows and a slightly tilted head.

How to Add Character to Your Drawings

If you want to take your Jacqueline Wilson character drawings to the next level, think about adding in some extra details that really capture their personalities. For example, you might incorporate accessories or props that are important to the character, or draw them in a pose that reflects their mood or mindset.

You might also experiment with different shading techniques or drawing styles that help bring out the character’s unique qualities. By infusing your drawings with personality and emotion, you can make them truly come to life.

Question and Answer

Q: Can I use tracing paper to help me draw Jacqueline Wilson characters?

A: Absolutely! Tracing paper can be a helpful tool for getting the proportions and basic shapes right before you start adding detail.

Q: What if I’m not very good at drawing?

A: Don’t worry - drawing is a skill that takes practice to develop. Everyone starts somewhere, so keep at it and focus on developing your own style and technique.

Q: How do I know which details to focus on when drawing a Jacqueline Wilson character?

A: Look for details that really capture the character’s unique personality and style. For example, you might focus on their hairstyle, clothing, or facial expression to help bring them to life on the page.

Q: What if my drawing doesn’t turn out the way I want it to?

A: Don’t get discouraged! Remember that drawing is all about practice, and even professional artists make mistakes. Look for areas where you can improve and keep experimenting with new techniques and styles.

Conclusion of How to Draw Jacqueline Wilson Characters

Drawing Jacqueline Wilson characters can be a fun and rewarding activity for fans of all ages. By breaking the process down into simple steps and focusing on details that capture each character’s unique personality, you can create drawings that truly come to life on the page. Remember to practice regularly, and don’t be afraid to experiment with new techniques and styles to develop your own personal drawing style.

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