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Top How To Draw Sleeves of all time The ultimate guide

Written by San Andy Jan 30, 2023 · 5 min read
Top How To Draw Sleeves of all time The ultimate guide

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If you are someone who loves fashion and designing your own clothes, then you know how important it is to have a good idea of how to draw sleeves. Sleeves can add so much character and flair to a garment, but they can also be tricky to draw just right. Painting or drawing a sleeve can be frustrating due to factors like the shape or a difficult fabric, but with the right tips and techniques, it can be a breeze. After reading this article, you will have a good idea of how to draw sleeves and some techniques to make the process easier.

One common hurdle that designers face when drawing a sleeve is figuring out the right shape and size. Getting the right fit may be challenging, and one might end up with sleeves that are too snug, baggy, or uneven.This could lead to a garment with sleeves that do not match the rest, which is a disappointing outcome. When designing, deciding on the right sleeve length, width, and style is crucial to making the final garment look its best.

The key to proper sleeve drawing is to have a clear concept in mind. Once you have an idea of what your sleeve should look like, start with small sketches and adjustments until you have the final version. If you’re new to drawing sleeves, it’s best to start with some basic styles and work your way up to more complicated ones. Practice makes perfect, and the more you practice drawing sleeves, the better you will become.

In summary, the key takeaways for how to draw sleeves are: start with a clear concept in mind, take it step by step, practice, and start with simpler styles before moving on to more complicated ones. By implementing these techniques with time, one can become adept at sleeve drawing.

How to Draw Sleeves - Straight Sleeves

Straight sleeves are the easiest to draw. These basic sleeves have no form and usually follow a straight line from the shoulder to the wrist. To design a straight sleeve, start by drawing a rectangle that represents the arm’s width, then sketch the length you want for the sleeve.

Next, focus on the shoulder of the sleeve - this is the sloping part that connects the sleeve to the armhole. When designing the shoulder of the sleeve, the seam should start at the top of your shoulder and slope downwards towards the center of your wrist. You will then need to outline where the wrist is, and when drawing the rectangular end cut it off with a curve to make the edge look even.

Drawing of a straight sleeveThere are different methods and variations of creating a straight sleeve, but this is the simplest one that can be achieved by anyone.

How to Draw Sleeves - Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves are another popular sleeve style. They are different from straight sleeves because they have a form, and an opening in the middle, which creates the bell shape.

Start the bell sleeve by sketching the arm’s length from the shoulder to the wrist. Remind yourself of the style’s flair, and then sketch the cuff opening, which is where it opens up from the wrist to the elbow. Ensure that you make the opening enough to allow it to have a perfect bell shape once drawn. Divide the sleeve into equal parts and draw the bell shape to give it an even flow.

Drawing of bell sleevesThere are various variations to bell sleeves as they can stop midway through your arm or floor-length, but once you master the basics of drawing smooth-flowing lines and curves, you’re good to go.


Drawing sleeves can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task, but it’s something you can grow to enjoy with time. Remember to start with simple styles, work your way up to more complicated ones, and practice, practice, practice. The key to achievement is to stay true to your style while incorporating them into each garment you design.

Question and Answer

1. Can I freehand the curve when drawing a Bell sleeve?

Yes, you can. However, using a French curve will make sure that your curve is even and smooth.

2. Should I always start drawing sleeves from the top of the shoulder?

It’s better to start from the shoulder line, as it sets the balance for the rest of the sleeve’s proportions.

3. What’s the best paper or surface to draw sleeves?

Any paper or surface that can handle minimal to detailing is best for drawing sleeves. Having a paper or surface with a bit more transparency makes it easier to get a more precise outcome as well.

4. How many sleeve styles are there?

There are several types of sleeves - bell sleeves, puffed sleeves, as well as balloon sleeves, among others. The sleeve style can be adjusted to fit the occasion, season, and design preference.

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